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February 2, 2019
(Rain Date: Feb. 9)


Bring a flashlight, dress for the weather, and join the Goss Bird club for our first field trip of the year! Wisconsin owls are most often vocal early in the year. Great Horned Owls laying eggs already in January! Other owls such as Barred and Ea. Screech Owls can be heard setting up territories and looking for mates. No. Saw-whet and Short-eared Owls are migrants that spend their winters in our region and can be found with a bit of extra effort.

We'll wait to hear reports of owls in the area before we decide exactly where we'll go, so if you know of a place owls can reliably be found, let us know so we can plan a route that has a great chance to hear them calling.

Owls can be pretty picky about the weather, and if it's too nasty, they will stay quiet. If it's too windy or wintery, we may bump the date for this field trip back a week to February 9th. The decision to go or not go be dependent on the forecast, so back to the website or our Facebook page leading up to the event to see which date we'll head out in search of owls.