When birding, we will do our best to abide by the American Birding Asociation's Code of Birding Ethics.
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October 13, 2018

Special Event: BIG SIT

The Goss Bird Club joins with birders from around the world as we participate in The Big Sit! The Sit, an event started and sponsored by Bird Watchers Digest, takes place the first full weekend in October each year. The idea is to see as many species as you can from a 17' diameter circle in a 24 hour period.

Our local event will take place at Retzer Nature Center on the south facing slope of the hill, just south of the main building. Birders will arrive before first light to listen for nocturnal birds such as owls, American Woodcock. A flury of activity will take place just as the sun comes up with robins, bluebirds and waxwings heading out to scour for breakfast. Throughout the day, birds will continue to fly past our circle, including hawks and vultures who take advantage of the late-day thermals. And as much as The Big Sit! is about birds, a full day of birding provides ample time for socialization with birders in our group and visitors to the nature center.

During our innaguarl Big Sit in 2015 we tallied 37 species. Since then we have continued to find more and more birds each year: 39 species in 2016 and 42 species in 2017. Join us in our count circle throughout the day to have fun adding species to our list!

For more info about the Big Sit sponsored by Bird Watcher's Digest, click HERE.