Benjamin F. Goss Bird Club
Waukesha, WI

The Benjamin F. Goss Bird Club was founded to increase knowledge and appreciation of birds through education, research, preservation and conservation, and to provide public awareness of birds and their role in the environment - all of which remains our goal and purpose to this day.


Our “club season" for 2016-17 has come to and end, but spring migration is ramping up!
See below for a brief rundown of our upcoming special events and check out our Field Trip page for great opportunities to go birding with the club. We will tour around the county hitting some of Waukesha’s best birding spots. Hope to see you on the trail!

May 27

7:00 AM

MONCHES WOODS - RESCHEDULED FROM 5/20 (Vernon Marsh hike has been canceled)

Monches Woods is a unique property containing both the Oconomowoc and Little Oconomowoc Rivers. While our main goal will be to find a singing Louisiana Waterthrush, nesting Blue-winged Warblers and Acadian Flycatchers call this their summer home, and there’s an outside shot for a Red-shouldered Hawk sighting, so this is a bird hike you don’t want to miss! While much of the topography is quite hilly and can be a difficult hike for some folks, this year we will be guided by John Winze whose family owns property lending us a “back door” entrance to the woods with fewer hills to climb!

Before heading to the bird hike location we will meet at Mary Korkor's house at 6:45 and we will carpool to the Winze property. After the bird hike, attendees are welcome to gather back at Mary's for brunch/lunch. Bring your own lunch and relax with the birds in Mary's fine garden to socialize with birders and birds!

If you wish to attend, please contact Tim Hahn for specific directions. (

June 4

7:00 AM


Beulah Bog lies in a series of four kettle holes and features an undisturbed bog with many unusual plants more typical of northern bogs. Anne Moretti has been surveying this location for the WBBA II, and will lead us on a hike to enjoy this unique natural place.

Great Wisconsin Birdathon:

The Benjamin F. Goss Bird Club will participate in the Great Wisconsin Birdathon this spring. The birdathon is conducted from April 15 to June 15. Money raised goes to the Bird Protection Fund that focuses on habitat protection in Wisconsin and endangered resource management.

Our fundraising will be done as we "Walk the Wauk". The Ice Age Trail has about 40 miles of hikable trail in Waukesha County. We have divided it into 28 segments ranging from six tenths of a mile to 3+ miles. Members can sign up for any section(s) they like. They are then responsible for hiking that section and reporting the species they see.

In addition to hiking the trail and looking for birds, we will be looking for donations from members and non members for the birdathon. A page will be set up in the near future for our team on the birdathon website where donations can be made. They can also be made via check to our club treasurer Paula Stich at the April 23rd meeting. Donations can be made per s pecies (eg. $0.25 per species) or in a simple one time amount.

As an organization participating in the birdathon, half of the money we raise during the birdathon will be sent to the Bird Protection Fund, and half will go to the bird club! This is a great opportunity to help birds throughout the state while adding some cash to our budget. The money we raise can then be used for special projects without using up money taken in from dues that normally goes towards regular cost. This will allow us to initiate special projects such as constructing and donating benches in local nature areas, color printing of the newsletter, increased stipend to attract in-demand speakers, etc.

Click here to visit our birdathon page and make a donation!

3:00 PM June 9
3:00 PM June 10


A BioBlitz is a 24-hour event where scientists work together to see how many species of plants and animals they can find in one area. On Friday, June 9, some of Wisconsin’s best science minds from Milwaukee Public Museum and other local institutions will converge on Fox River Park to discover its native biodiversity. The BioBlitz will be open to the public on Saturday, June 10 to meet the scientists, see what species they’ve found and take part in hands-on activities.

As our club is the area's only local bird club, we have volunteered to take on the avian survey portion of the blitz. While the full bio blitz runs from 3pm on Friday to 3pm on Saturday, we know that most birds are active and detectable in the morning, so we will focus most of our efforts of bird finding on Saturday morning. Some volunteers may take some time to listen for owls and other nocturnal species during the night time, but most of our effort should be focused from sunrise through the morning as birds are at their most vocal and active.

All skill levels are encouraged to participate. Surveys such as this are great learning opportunities. If you would like to join in the fun, contact Spence Stehno ( or 414-940-2020).

June 24

7:00 AM

Kayak the Fox

South of Waukesha the Fox River flows travels through extensive natural areas including many wooded areas and the Vernon State Wildlife Area, aka Vernon Marsh. Paddling on the river will give us a unique perspective from which to observe birds that, for one reason or another, seem to ignore people in paddle boats.

We will start the paddle from the Fox River Park on Hwy H. The first take out option is at Cty I after about 5 miles; this stretch takes about 2 hours to complete. Intrepid paddlers may continue on through the Vernon Marsh and take out at Cty ES (National Ave) which is about another five miles; this leg will take another 2 to 3 hours. Kayaks and canoes are welcome, but we unfortunately do not have extras available. If you would like to participate in the paddle, contact Tim Hahn (